Getting Soaked

The Water Utility Board is set to take up a change to the Albuquerque / Bernalillo County water rate ordinance that would increase your water bill by over 10% by the year 2018. The move is designed to increase Capital Improvement Program (CIP) spending to $76 million annually replenish the authority’s reserves.

In addition, the cost of hooking up to ABCWUA would go up. Currently, the UEC (Utility Expansion Charge) is around $3500. If passed on Wednesday the UEC would increase by $73 for water, $55 for water, and $38 for the Water Supply Charge.

All of this means that the “average” customer’s monthly bill would go from $48 to $51 in 2016 and $51 to $54 in 2016.

Congratulations Albuquerque and Bernalillo County residents! You’ve reached your water conservation goals three years early! Your prize? A brand new higher water bill!

The thing that is really interesting about all of this is that because the ordinance is set to increase rates 4 years from now, a fair number of Water Authority board members won’t be around to feel your pain once the new rates kick in. Pretty clever huh?