Wienergate Closed… Hopefully

Tuesday, a sad chapter in the history of the Bernalillo County Commission hopefully came to a close. The Commission voted to “censure” Commissioner Wiener in a cobbled together proceeding with no facts, no findings, and no value – unless of course you consider the value of earned media for political gain.

The whole thing has been distasteful and uncomfortable from the ill-advised Philippine photos to the hastily arranged show trial. The Commission and the media was more concerned about what went on in Angeles City than it was about a plan to release accused sex offenders back into the community while awaiting trial. One received special meetings and pius pronouncements while the other received little attention (read it here).

I called for Commissioner Wiener’s resignation expressly to avoid this kind of distraction and stupidity. Sure the whole thing was a kind of sick entertainment and strangely fascinating from a political science perspective, but it was also a waste of time and money that turned into a showcase of political opportunism.

Worse… by dragging the County’s top policy body into the political gutter, the Commission has encouraged anyone with an axe to grind to come out of the woodwork and it’s happening. An organization will take on the attributes of its leaders and in the case of Bernalillo County those leaders are the five individuals that make up the County Commission. When we act silly and petty, so too will the members of the organization we lead.

I apologize for the events of the past two weeks – to public and to the 2400 employees that we lead. We all need to set a better example both on and off the dais.